04 novembro, 2010

Voices in the US: Spanish and Portuguese

Almost 47 million people in the US are speakers of Spanish – more than 45 million - and Portuguese – more than one million - according to 2006-2008 Census estimates. Mester is interested in scholarly articles and reviews that reflect upon the idea of how Spanish and Portuguese speakers in the US use their language to negotiate their identity and thus
a. how this process is reflected linguistically
b. how it is reflected literarily
We are seeking academic articles and reviews about, but not limited to, the following topics:
- Social and Historical Linguistics: Spanish and Portuguese in the US;
- Literature: Negotiations of identity in the works of Spanish/Portuguese-speaking authors and their characters in the US;
- Dialectology: Languages in contact, bilingualism, diglossia, koineization;
- Cultural Studies: How Spanish/Portuguese traditions are manifested in linguistic/literary/cultural terms and literary imaginaries.

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