17 janeiro, 2011

Integration of Portuguese Immigrants and Their Descendants in the United States and Canada

Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies
Deadline for Abstract Submissions: February 1, 2011
October 14 & 15, 2011
Rhode Island College, Providence, Rhode Island
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Throughout the three waves of immigration and to the present, the Portuguese have had a cultural, linguistic, demographic, and socioeconomic impact in the United States and Canada. How have the Portuguese populations of the United States and Canada integrated/assimilated into their respective adopted nations through the generations? What changes in education, occupation, political participation and use of the Portuguese language have taken place? What mark have the Portuguese made on their respective communities and how do they maintain their cultural boundaries?
This two-day conference will bring together a cadre of international scholars to address these questions and more. The conference organizers are seeking presentations from researchers of Portuguese ethnic studies, sociologists, linguists, educators, political scientists and others with expertise in the Portuguese language, culture, identity and socioeconomic integration in the United States and Canada.

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