06 abril, 2011

Azorean Identity in Brazil and the United States: Arguments about History, Culture, and Transnational Connections,

de João Leal

Editado pela Tagus Press, o livro foi lançado no dia 24 de Março em University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture, nos Estados Unidos.

«According to Professor Kimberley DaCosta Holton of Rutgers University, "Azorean Identity in Brazil and the United States offers a rare, multi-sited portrayal of immigration and expressive culture focused on two hot spots of Azorean settlement," and provides a "fascinating comparative study and an important ethnography for scholars of Lusophone culture.”

For Professor Caroline Brettell of Southern Methodist University, the book “offers an insightful and rich ethnographic comparison of how identities are formed and transformed among Azoreans in New England and Brazil" and "touches on a host of questions of critical concern in contemporary immigration studies [such as] transnationalism, the second generation, ethnicity, and the politics of culture.”

Fonte: CRIA

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