10 fevereiro, 2012

CFP: Identity, Civic Engagement and Multiculturalism: Portuguese-Canadian Immigrant descendants in Canada and Portugal

Special Theme Issue - Portuguese Studies Review

Canadians of Portuguese descent (also called Luso-Canadians) comprise one of the largest minority groups in Canada. Yet, after over 50 years of official immigration to this country, this community continues to be largely marginal to the mainstream of Canadian life. Others have returned to Portugal, to begin lives in what is, to many, a foreign nation. Thus, the time is right for initiatives that explore the positioning(s) and ambiguities of Luso-Canadian descendants in both countries. This special issue of the Portuguese Studies Review will address these ambiguities.

The Guest Editors are seeking manuscripts on topics touching on Identity, Civic Engagement and Multiculturalism, as these relate to the descendants of Portuguese-Canadian immigrants in Canada and Portugal.

Notification of Interest to Submit an Article: March 15, 2012. 
Send a 250 word abstract describing the topic, methodology (or approach) and tentative conclusions to Dr. Robert Kenedy, Associate Professor and Lead Guest Editor (rkenedy@yorku.ca). Article Submission Deadline: Thursday May 3, 2012. Please direct your submissions to Dr. Robert Kenedy, Associate Professor and Lead Guest Editor (rkenedy@yorku.ca).

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