22 abril, 2010

Children, Families and the Migration Experience: Opportunities and Challenges

Middlesex University, Hendon Campus
London, NW4 4BT, UK

In recent years new patterns of migration to Britain and other European states have emerged associated with, for example, EU enlargement. These have had diverse implications for family migration strategies. In contrast to historical patterns of migration which were generally perceived as involving long term or permanent settlement, this new migration often involves more transitory patterns of mobility.
Nevertheless, short term stay may be extended over time often leading to family reunion and family formation. The impact of this new migratory strategies, especially on children, is beginning to be explored by
researchers and to spark interest among policy makers and service providers as they respond to new needs, for example of new arrivals in schools. This conference will bring together research on a range of issues
relevant to this new phenomenon.

Specific themes will include:
* Current migration patterns, family strategies and family reunion
* Migrants from the new EU states
* The emotional impact of migration
* New arrivals and the transition to schooling
* Migration, education and parental expectations
* Language acquisition, language transition and bi-lingualism
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